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Skilled Workers

Our clients have access to staff who are well-trained, able to adapt and knowledgeable in their different roles which ensures high levels of performance at all times.

Quality Work

We provide quality work by being attentive to detail, consistent, thorough and conforming to the highest standards of service.

Technical Support

Through knowledge imparted on the team and partnerships with the world’s renown brands, we provide technical support to our valuable clientele at the highest service standard required.


Know more about Aridus

Aridus has partnered with global leading manufacturers of geoscientific equipment and under these partnerships, the company has access to even more world class brands through an extended partnership system enabling the company to distribute state of the art technology that provides solutions to clients.

Aridus aims to ensure that these world class technologies are triumphant in gaining momentum in the Southern African market and excel in providing adequate after sales support in pursuit of regional supremacy in the supply and installation of geo-scientific equipment.

Aridus also provides training and data management services which synchronize well with the client desires of attaining some operational degree of internal expertise

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