We are a regional Southern African distributer of software and geo-scientific equipment mainly in Water, Geotechnical engineering, Meteorology and Soils Sectors. We have partnered with world class global leading manufacturers of such tools in Europe and North America through which we are able to make it possible for users to source these products locally.

Aridus prides itself in being associated with some of the best brands that have been in the market for decades and continue to be trusted by users across the world. We have gone to great lengths in identifying global leaders in the manufacture of world class tools,instrumentation and software for geosciences and have created partner-ships that allow us to avail high end technologies locally.

Not only do we market and distribute such high tech systems in the region, with our global partners, we become part of the system development from conceptualisation, through design to implementation where we are able to provide installation services and actual operation where required.

Many of our clients see us as partners that enable generation of information for effective decision making and minimisation of business risk exposure. We see our relationship as being of mutual growth and business optimisation while playing our role in the development and advancement of our region.
We view ourselves as being there to strengthen our partners and enable them to create high levels of control on their processes, through supply and deployment of environmentally safe and technolgically sound tools and instrumentation.
We set out to bring a portfolio of high quality technology brands that are dedicated to improving our customer's business performance and take our position as regional leaders in technology specification and product supply in the field of applied geosciences.
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