Resources invested on acquisition of state of the art technologies are meaningless unless the specific objective of the data requirement is met. At Aridus, we believe that to improve the quality of data collection and also enhance optimum use of products acquired through us, robust training programs must be offered to meet these needs. With our partners, our training is focused on best protocol for data collection, analysis and monitoring.The key training areas where we are able to provide knowledge transfer are in the following:

Equipment handling, data collection and theoretical modules in;

Soil/Ground Water – monitoring wells (hydrology, construction & location), drilling techniques, monitoring well types, groundwater flow & isocurves, groundwater & soil moisture sampling, groundwater quality measurements

Water – surface and waste water sampling, redox and dissolved oxygen measurements, discharge and flow measurements.

Soils – classification, sampling, moisture measurements, infiltration & hydraulic conductivity measurements, lab equipment, resistance measurements, quality evaluation, land conservation

Earth Monitoring – Agro meteorological station, Diver© Office, e - SENSE®, basic GIS

Hands on groundwater management software instruction

Professional training courses focus on the use and application of industry recognized software used by regulatory agencies, educational institutions, and consulting firms from around the world,

The professional trainers are experts in the use of the software for practical hydrogeologic analysis and modeling. All courses are developed to ensure the participants are exposed and challenged through various hands-on lab exercises and exposure to theoretical concepts,

Product specific courses included AquiferTest, Hydro GeoAnalyst, AquaChem, Visual Modflow and HydroManager while theoretical courses include water quality, groundwater flow and solute transport modelling,data management and custom on site training.
Geotechnical instruments for field measurements

Overview of state-of-the-art and innovative instruments, up-to-date methods for automatic acquisition of data, aspect of tunnel and dam monitoring, systematic planning of risk-driven monitoring programs, geotechnical baseline reporting and planning a monitoring program.

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